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Iran Getting High – Tech Weaponry Assistance From Syria

Most Defense Contractors of the World are working hard to insure that Western Weapons Technologies does not get into the hands of the Iranians, unfortunately, it’s happening anyway. How so you ask? Well, because nations like France are in NATO and they sell weapons to Syria and German Companies sell all sorts of stuff to Syria and Syria trades with Iran.

Of course, Iran also buys weapon systems from China and Russia. Things like ICBMs, mobile anti-aircraft missile launchers, radar systems and torpedoes too. Even late model high-tech fighter planes, fourth generation some say fifth generation fighters, although the embellishment of military strength in the Middle East, by Middle Eastern Politicians is usually hearsay, and scare tactics.

Even more frightful than Western Weapons Technology going through Syria and getting into Iran is the thought of Iranian nuclear weapons getting into the hands of any of the 10-International Terrorist Organization that are Head Quartered in Syria today. US Trade sanctions to Syria and Iran are not keeping the weapons out. Nor should any World Leader be a fool to assume that such sanctions will work. These weapon systems are finding their way into enemy hands.

Iran has been aiding International Terrorist Organizations for years, is responsible for Hezbollah’s war against Israel, after hijacking Lebanon and has been involved in killing US Troops in Iraq. Even thought Al Qaeda is nearly defeated in Iraq, there are still Iranian insurgents hurting US efforts to stabilize the country and bring peace to the region. Iran is getting high-tech weapons from Syria and some of those weapons are coming from NATO Allies and thus, some of it is US Technology. That is unacceptable.